Amazonas Inner Eye

Amazonas Inner Eye

Amazonas Inner Eye – Instant Music, experimental, sonorous and unexpected music

Instant Music is unleashed and free, based on emotions vibrating in the room. It’s when different individuals, different minds, meet. It’s about giving and taking, compromising and acting, to let go while still holding on, to listen and to acknowledge. The foundation of Instant Music is about open mindedness and communication, where everything relies on the focus and dedication of the group.


nalen 2014

New Record!
Music by AIE
Recording & Mix 2014 in Studio SODA by TG

Annika Törnqvist        Bass
Anders Kjellberg         Drums
Thomas Gustafsson   Saxophone

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Anders Kjellberg             Drums
Annika Törnqvist             Bass
Thomas Gustafsson         Soprano