Water Boogie System

                                                                            Karin Verbaan - voice
                                                                            Viktor Reuter - double bass
                                                                            Jonathan Albrektson - piano

                                                                            William Soovik - drums

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"And suddenly, there they were, draped in wonderfully coordinated pastel colours, and ready to piece together scattered and random memory-images to a beautifully elaborate puzzle-work of artistry.  Swedish Water Boogie System have, since their birth in the fall of 2011, made the deliberate choice to enhance and cherish every quirky musical impulse.
Imagine staying up late one night, fine-tuning your radio to the different frequencies: Noise, absurd philosophical wonderings in and about the Big dipper, noise, jerky, broken phrases of free-form improv, grandiose space epics, noise, and all of a sudden, the delicate harmonies of a soft-singing choir. In other words, a wildly unpredictable combination of music and stories."   (written by Maja Agnevik)