Jazz, Classical and Nordic Folk Music

Three women from three generations with three different musical backgrounds, classical and folk, pop and soul, classical and jazz. All music is deeply rooted in improvisation, allowing genre bending connections and creating new sounds and textures, with melodies and rhythmical patterns.

Nema Vinkeloe Uuskyla - violin and vocals
Biggi Vinkeloe - alto saxophone and flute
Annika Törnqvist - electric bass

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New Album    
Album release 10 december 2021

NABtrio-My soul is a bird


Dudu for Alice


Sun Drops

Singing Softly

The Light Will Come

Ann Dear

Rays of Golden Sun

My Soul is a Bird

Falling Light

Album release august 2021

NABplus - parenthesis

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Ebba Westerberg - percussion
Hakim Mirza - words, voice

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NAB is a Swedish Trio and an Indian duo, creating new genre bending links between South Indian folk songs and Swedish traditional folk music. Sētuvegaḷu is the Kannada word for Bridges.
NAB Trio is joined by two South Indian musicians, forming the group NABplus. Arun Sivag is a versatile and well-established international percussionist, and Sangeetha Ravindranath is a celebrated singer from Mysore who has sung for over 70 Indian films in different languages. With NABplus, they present centuries-old traditional Kannada folk songs.

Arun Sivag - percussion
Sangeetha Ravindranath - voice

Annika Törnqvist

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