Thomas Gustafson  Soprano

Staffan Svensson   Trumpet

Chris Montgomery  Drums

Another Way

Music by SounDance
Recording & Mix 2014 in Studio SODA by TG

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Thomas Gustafson, Staffan Svensson and Chris Montgomery form the trio which, complemented with sax, trumpet, drums, and electronics, create a music that is shaped on the basis of flexible structures, intuitive musical interaction and soundscapes, into a totality.
An electro-acoustic scenery, with mood 'n art music, delivered in a live-setting by three exceptional improvisational musicians.


"It's a beautiful sound, SounDance. Sound and dance in one and the same breath. A word that gives rise to thoughts of movement, alone or together, leading or being led or dancing freely. It's about transitional sound, individual chimes that melt together or glide apart, tones that grow stronger or ring out.
It's also an expressive word for the music that Thomas Gustafsson, Staffan Svensson and Chris Montgomery create together. Music clearly related to jazz and modern artistic music, but which begins somewhere else.
Here and there, the music seems to tell a concrete story. A birch-bark horn echoes over the mountain pasture. Crops shoot up in wide fields. Dervishes whirl around the flickering fire. The ballet dancer reacts to a world into which we cannot see.
Occasionally, there are two phases in parallel. Scene is put against scene, atmosphere against atmosphere. Slamming and noise that disturb the Indian sitar. Musically, it is perhaps about counterpoint, but the interpretations it gives rise to are many more.
Ultimately, it is about these three catching every individual moment."

- Johan Scherwin

SounDance CD "music for movements" recording & mix in studio SODA by TG 2006

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